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What is doping? Surely this is a question that many people are still very curious about. In sports, Doping is a stimulant that increases athletes’ performance and is banned from use in any form. And today, let’s join us at BWINPH to learn about the harmful effects of using this banned substance.

Concept Of Doping

Concept Of Doping
Concept Of Doping

According to bookmaker BWINPH’s summary, what is Doping? This is the common name of stimulant compounds banned from use in sports. These forms all have the effect of promoting blood circulation, increasing exercise performance. As well as increasing endurance, athletes who use it do not feel tired when competing.

Doping comes in many shapes and forms. But currently there are three common forms: blood doping, nerve doping and muscle doping.

Using these stimulants is extremely dangerous. It not only affects the health and life of users. But it also loses fairness in competitions.

What is Doping? Harmful Effects of Doping

What is Doping? Harmful Effects of Doping
What is Doping? Harmful Effects of Doping

What is doping? What are the harmful effects of doping? This is probably a question that many people want to learn. And now, let’s continue with BWINPH Sports to learn about some of the unpredictable harmful effects that Doping causes to users below.

Causes diabetes and muscle weakness

Diabetes is a disease that many people suffer from today. Diabetes greatly affects the health as well as the longevity and quality of life of people with the disease. Doping stimulant use will increase the user’s risk of diabetes. At the same time, it also weakens the muscles as well as enlarges the limbs of the body of the person using this stimulant.

Depression of the entire nervous system

Although it is known that Doping use will increase endurance as well as blood circulation in the user’s body. Give athletes temporary breakthroughs in competition.
However, after using this banned substance, the user’s body will be greatly affected. Users will experience trembling syndrome, physical weakness, insomnia as well as greatly affecting their entire central nervous system.

Kidney and liver function decline

Kidney and liver function decline

The liver and kidneys are one of the organs that play an important role in human health. And in Doping there are some substances that cause damage to the user’s liver and kidneys.
Some ingredients such as amphetamines cause serious damage to the liver as well as growth hormones that put great pressure on the kidneys, leading to kidney failure in users.

The risk of infection increases

Using this banned doping substance increases the risk of infection for users many times. At the same time, it also causes many health problems for users.
Especially illegal doping methods such as blood transfusion. This will seriously affect the health and even the lives of athletes.

User psychology is affected

When using Doping, the user’s psychology will be seriously affected. According to statistics, there are many cases of users suffering from anxiety and stress disorders.
Doping is a banned substance in sports, so when secretly using this banned substance, athletes’ feelings of stress and anxiety are stimulated, leading to extreme cases of neurological disorders. danger.


Doping is a banned substance that has extremely dangerous effects on users. As well as greatly affecting fairness in sports. That’s why to ensure the safety of your health. Athletes should strictly adhere to the use of this compound. With the above article, we hope that readers have a better understanding of the question “What is Doping?” as well as its harmful effects.

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